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Produced by pacific harvest

Wakame Wakame is actiually a brown seaweed also called 'Asian Kelp'. It is packed dried and can be re-hydrated in 3 minutes in warm water. Easy to prepare, nutritious and highly alkaline, Wakame is easily recognized in the Japanese miso soup.

Sea vegetables open a new world of flavours

and textures. In the Western world it is a

family of foods that is largely undiscovered

and misunderstood. Yet, sea vegetables

represent an un-tapped culinary potential as

their range & variety far surpasses that of

traditional land vegetables.

Although seaweeds have tantalizing culinary

qualities, even more significant is their very

compelling health properties.


  • Wakame has a delicious marine taste and an appetizing green colour.
  • Wakame leaves are silky and tender but the stipe is meaty & crunchy
  • Wakame doesn’t need to be cooked, only re-hydating (3 minutes in warm water). It expands 10 times.
  • It is an excellent green in soups, is a good combination with a wide range of foods. It should be added at the end of the cooking, just long enough to re-hydrate.
  • Like kelp, Wakame accelerates cooking and facilitates digestion for pulses, grains & seeds. It is excellent in such salads/dishes.
  • Very nice added to stir-fries.
  • Minced and mixed with other ingredients, wakame delivers a creamy texture to seaweed tartare or caviar.


  • Classified as a brown seaweed,Wakame has many of the same qualities as kelp: hormone balance, eliminates heavy metals and other toxins, positive effect on balance of sugar, blood pressure & cholesterol, antibacterial and interferes with cancer cell colonisation.
  • It’s very high in fibre (up to 40%) and has a beneficial effect on digestion
  • Contains minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin Bs –low sodium and low calorie
  • Cholesterol & fat free
  • Has a good satiating ability and a purifying action on the body

Wakame is a brown seaweed originally from Asia. It has spread to New Zealand and other countries, probably via ship ballast water. Harvesting Wakame in NZ has not been permitted and is now highly  regulated.

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