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moso bamboo stalks

Produced by pure bamboo

Purifies your air.

Absorbs odours, moisture, chemicals and electromagnetic waves

About bamboo charcoal:
Bamboo is treasured for its healing powers, beauty and versatility. A special heating process creates bamboo charcoal with billions of porous pockets and powerful ability to absorb odours, moisture, chemicals and electromagnetic waves from the surrounding environment. Bamboo charcoal also purifies drinking water and enriches it with minerals.
Instructions for use:
Place a Moso Room Stalk in a decorate vase, in a basket, on a white plate, or surround it with pebbles or sand to compliment the Asian theme – the choice is yours. Position your charcoal bamboo near high traffic areas, where there are strong household smells or near computers or televisions to block electromagnetic waves.
Once a month, place your Moso Room Stalk in direct sunlight for two to three hours and it will last all year.

To purify your drinking water, wash 50 to 60 grams of bamboo charcoal in cold water with a brush or sponge (do not use any detergents). Place bamboo charcoal into a saucepan of water and boil steadily for five minutes. Remove bamboo charcoal and allow it to dry before placing into one litre of tap water. Leave the water for a few hours and then it will be purified and ready for drinking (the minerals will be dissolved and the water impurities absorbed). The charcoal bamboo can be used repeatedly for approximately one month – then you can break it up and mix it into your garden soil to nurture your plants.

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