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organic porcelain foundation -very fair skin 50mlorganic peppermill mix 30g

raspberry extract 30ml

Produced by nat ali

medicine flower organic food-grade flavours are used for culinary, scent and cosmetic applications and are fantastic in your raw and raw chocolate creations!  they are cold-processed using extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.  water and oil soluble, they are highly concentrated, contain no sugar or calories and are wheat- and gluten-free.

use 1-2 drops for a batch of chocolate.  its really concetrated.  will flavour anything!

medicine flower flavour extracts are also suitable for scenting massage oils, balms, bath oils, soaps and candles.

concentrated flavour:
consistent comparisons with other products on the market have revealed our flavour potency being over 30-70 times higher (1-5 drops of our flavors equal up to a teaspoon of other flavours).

technical information:
organic or wild-crafted in accordance with EU standards, our flavours are obtained through a proprietary technology conducted at temperatures below 45oC. this process comprises a multi-stage extraction encompassing initial desiccation, lyophilisation, CO2 and HFC extraction.

ingredient: 100% genuine extract.

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