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nature's organic calcium 200g

Produced by natural animal solutions

Nature’s only organic calcium that contains naturally available zinc, magnesium, selenium, boron iron and other essential nutrients for maximum absorption for strong healthy bones and teeth.Nature’s Organic Calcium contains bioavailable nutrients for easy absorption. Our low dosage makes it easy to supplement small animals or fussy eaters. Nature’s Organic Calcium has been carefully chosen due to its high absorption rates. Many calcium supplements contain forms of calcium with low absorption rates. Comparable products require up to 4 times the dosage of Natural Animal Solutions® Nature’s Organic Calcium.

Nature's Calcium is

• Gluten free
• Dairy free
• G.E free
• Contains no animal products or by-products
• Filler Free
• Artificial flavour and preservative free
• Contains bio available nutrients for easy absorption

Nature's Calcium is approximately 30% pure calcium and is highly absorbable because of its unique porous structure.

Contains trace minerals important for bone health:
zinc, magnesium, selenium and boron.

Low dosage for easy feeding. Alternative calcium supplements require up to 4 times the dosage of Nature's Calcium.


100% Organic

Nutritional Analysis:

Calcium 30%, Magnesium 5%, Sulphur 0.30%, Sodium 1.50%, Phosphurus 500ppm, Potassium 700ppm, Boron 10ppm, Flourine 20ppm, Iron 800ppm, Cobalt 1ppm, Copper 10ppm, Zinc 20ppm, Mangnesium 90ppm, Molybdenum 0.20ppm, Selenium 0.10ppm, Iodine 20ppm

Calcium comes in many forms. Many are not healthy for our pets and are best avoided. See below:

Calcium Form                    Actually Is

Calcium Hydroxyapatite     Processed, degreased, crushed cow bone meal

Calcium Citrate                  Limestone or chalk processed with lactic acid and citric acid

Calcium Carbonate            Limestone or precipitated chalk

Calcium Gluconate            Limestone or chalk processed with gluconic acid

Coral Calcium                    Dead calcium


ingredients:  100% Pure Lithothamnium Calcareum sea-vegetable


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