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body / oral care

lip tint mapleorganic stevia powder 100g

soap rose geranium & calendula 100g

Produced by sanctum

An uplifting and invigorating organic shea and cocoa butter soap. Certified organic coffee and lemon myrtle combine as natural deodorisers, making this soap as valued in the kitchen as in the bathroom.

Texture and appearance:

For this soap the lye is made using certified organic, Fair Trade coffee, giving a marvellous milk coffee colour to the soap. Then add certified organic ground coffee for exfoliation.

Fragrance and aromatherapy:

Lemon myrtle is dominant in this soap but is balanced by the deep base notes of patchouli and cedarwood atlas. Lemon myrtle and cedarwood atlas help clear the airways, while cedarwood atlas and patchouli warm and soothe.


Contains certified organic extra virgin olive oil, lye, certified organic virgin coconut oil (fair trade), certified organic shea butter (fair trade), certified organic cocoa butter (fair trade), lye, certified organic coffee (fair trade), essential oils of lemon myrtle, patchouli and cedarwood atlas, rosemary leaf extract.

Ingredients 97.4% certified organic.

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