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organic kuzu 100g

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KUDZU, is a vine plant with a strong life and is one of the seven autumn flowers. From the roots to the flowers, every part of kudzu is utilized. The roots are used for food and Oriental medicine, leaves are used for livestock feed, vines are used for cloth textiles, and flowers are used for ingredients in folk medicine. Kudzu powder made from roots is a far superior quality cooking starch than cornstarch, potato, wheat, or sweet potato.

Kudzu powder is sometimes eaten in place of rice and wheat by people in mountainous regions, as a meal for sick people, or as emergency food. It was even used as a portable food for samurai warriors. Its popularity also lies in the kudzu's superior flavor, delicate texture and kudzu powder's ability to enhance the flavor of other ingredients. Our kudzu comes from Kagoshima prefecture on Kyushu Island where it has been grown for more than 100 years.

Kagoshima is famous for kudzu production and is responsible for about 90% of Japanese kudzu production. kudzu is made from kudzu roots that are 5-10 years old with a diameter of 10-15cm and an average weight of 10kg. These characteristics are optimum for producing the best quality of starch. After kudzu roots are gathered, they are ground, washed and stemmed. Afterward they are repeatedly settled, skimmed, and washed with cold, clean water until the supernatant liquid becomes transparent. Finally the kudzu is dried to perfection by letting it sit for 1.5 months. This creates a high quality, firm textured kudzu.

The characteristics of our kudzu are high purification and clear white color, which come from using the best quality kudzu roots and traditional manufacturing processes. Kudzu kiri, noodles made from kudzu, can be eaten as noodles or can be fried as a tempura ingredient. It has a distinctive transparency and firmness. To use, dissolve kudzu in 10 times as much water. Add a small amount of barley malt syrup or honey. Stir well with low heat until it turns transparent.

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