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evolution the vital link 250g

Produced by Powerlab WA

Evolution™ The Vital Link is a natural raw superfood consisting of some of Nature's perfect wholefoods, which nourish your body with essential revitalising elements and assist you in achieving and maintaining optimum health. Nutrition is the key to good health and this wholefood health blend of rare West Australian native Super Bee pollen, certified organic freeze dried barley grass juice, certified organic maca and aloe vera, comprises vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and glyconutrients in their naturally occuring state.

Evolution™ does not contain any fillers, all the ingredients bring their own special benefit to the product. In addition, Evolution™ helps provide the daily nutrition needed to develop a strong foundation for optimal health. What you feed your body reflects itself in the quality of your health. Unfortunately, it is well recognised today that the average Western diet is "dead" and seriously lacking in essential good nutrients and vital life force from living foods. As a result, the majority of people suffer from some form of malnutrition without realising it which at the extreme level, includes often avoidable conditions as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called M E), Diabetes, Asthma, Coronary Heart Disease, Indigestion and even Cancer, to name a few. However, there are a whole host of other conditions that people don't attribute to their daily diet such as:

* Mild Depression * Slow Injury Repair

* Low Energy Levels * Poor Digestion

* Stress and Poor Sleep * Old Looking Skin

All is not doom-and-gloom however, as your body and spirit, if given a regular balanced nutritional intake, maintains good health naturally so the conditions above do not develop. The problem can be easily solved by adding Evolution organic Monatomic Elements and superfood to your daily routine.

If asked, the majority of people would say they already have a healthy diet. "I always have salad with my burger", "I always go for the diet cola", "I always choose microwave vegetables with my meal to get those essential vitamins". Point proved already. In fact, the well known joke about "the burger carton being more nutritious than the burger" is probably not that far from the truth. Even though we try to maintain a balanced diet, many meals available to us often lack the nutrients our bodies desperately need every day to stay healthy and prevent dis-ease.

Evolution is a totally natural nutritional supplement which contains large amounts of naturally occuring Monatomic Gold, provided from the very best organic ingredients. It is also cram packed with all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote superior health and is the only health product of its kind available today.

ORMEs (in their naturally occurring state)

Monatomic Gold 563ppm
Monatomic Rhodium 3503ppm
Monatomic Iridium 2983ppm

When you add Evolution to your diet, you are supplying your body with large amounts of health-giving Monatomic Elements plus antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll with no effort or major change in your diet or lifestyle. That's priceless in today's hectic world!

West Australian Native Bee Pollen

Western Australia has a high density of unique plant species that produce high quality pollens. This pollen is harvested from pristine forests and conservation reserves in natural indigenous bush ensuring it is in its purest form and free of chemicals. Bee pollen has been recognised as Nature's most complete food. Chemical analysis of bee pollen reveals that it contains every nutrient required to sustain life. Bee pollen is a raw live natural food that provides the basic elements the human body requires. It has an impressive array of nutrients and ability to provide energy. bees recognise and select pollens that are rich in amino acids and leave the poor quality pollens behind.

Eucalypt pollens have one of the highest percentages of linoleic acid in the world, making it unique and beneficial. Linoleic acid is an "essential" fatty acid for human health and helps lower the ratio of low-density lipoproteins (LDL's) to high density lipoproteins (HDL's).

The amino acids present in this pollen are superior to those of animal origin, with pollen containing five to seven times more amino acids than beef and cheese of equal weight. In addition to being a complete food, bee pollen has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and increases the body's resistance to infection.

Barley Grass (certified organic)

This wholesome green alkaline food made from powdered dehydrated leaves of organically grown young barley plants (Hordeum vulgare), provides a concentrated source of vegetable greens essential to life. The bright green colour reflects the abundance of chlorophyll, which is a natural blood cleanser and supports the immune system.

Barley grass is a rich natural source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The abundant dietary fibre maintains good colonic health. The main qualities include a significant source of chlorophyll, mixed carotenoids, antioxidants, folic acid, protein, omega and dietary fibre.

Our barley grass does not contain gluten and is safe for those who have gluten allergies.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

The superior quality Maca superfood, as used in Evolution™ is certified organic, not irradiated and not genetically modified.

Maca, domesticated by the Incas, is a hardy perennial plant cultivated high (up to 14500 feet) in the Andean Mountains. The part used is the tuberous root which looks like a large radish. This energising plant wholefood, also referred to as Peruvian ginseng (Maca is not in the same family as ginseng) is adaptogenic, meaning that it will work on the body according to the needs, age and gender of the person taking it. Maca is a wonderful source of natural vital nutrients and the synergy of so many amino acids, vitamins and minerals in their natural state may increase their uptake, assimilation and utilisation in the body.

The species grown commerically for harvest is "Lepidium myenii, Walpers". The best maca is grown in the Junin Plateau and the key factors resulting in good quality Maca are altitude, soil type and microclimate.

Dried maca root is rich in complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and essential nutrients. The protein content of Maca is mainly in the form of polypeptides and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of fatty acids, sterols, vitamins B1, B2, C, E and minerals. In addition to its rich supply of essential nutrients, Maca contains alkaloids, tannins and saponins.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis, certified organic)

Aloe Vera is another ingredient that adds remarkable healing properties to Evolution™. Aloe Vera is a member of the Lily family (Aloe barbadensis), native to Northern Africa and named after the botanist Dr Miller who characterised the plant in Barbados. Aloe Vera is a great source of more than 200 active ingredients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are derived from the leaf, the sap, and a mucilaginous gel from the inner cells of the leaf. Aloe gel is made up of polysaccharides and a vast array of chemical substances, which play a major role in the healing process.

The Aloe Vera in Evolution™ is bifurcated and combines all the ingredients of the leaf, including the outer Aloe rind as this contains numerous bioactive ingredients including the glycoproteins, polysaccharides and important enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase.

The long molecular polysaccharide mannan in this Aloe Vera is not hydrolysed during manufacturing into smaller components, so the original chemical structure and biological activity are not modified. An unique feature is that human gastric enzymes cannot hydrolyse its linkages.

Scientists have recently discovered many vital nutrients are missing in the modern diet including the glyconutrients, called miracle sugars, which are a group of biologically active sugars considered critical for human health. Glyconutrients are required by every cell in the body. These sugars are the food molecules of the cell, involved in numerous complex processes. The mannose content makes it a superior immune booster.

There are two groups of substances in Aloe Vera based on their molecular weight. The high molecular weight substances are a range of mannans, other glycoproteins and a variety of enzymes while the low molecular weight substances are sponins, flavonoids, fatty acids and their esters, tannins, sulphur derivatives, glucosamine, glutamine, terpenoids and biological growth factors.

Although each one of the above contents has an individual biological ability, in Aloe Vera all these substances act synergistically as a group. Aloe Vera can act as a natural biological vehicle, capable of stimulating and normalising the main physiological biological functions of the human body.


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