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Colloidal Minerals provide the structural material for bone and teeth formation. Calcium will not do this alone. In fact isolated calcium caltrate prescribed alone can deplete the body of other important essential minerals. Colloidal Minerals contain calcium in the most absorbent form on the planet. Minerals are derived from plants; they contain 75 different minerals and trace elements.

Colloidal Minerals are the most easily absorbed of all mineral supplements as they by-pass the digestive system. Being liquid and having an ultra fine particle size of 0.001 microns in diameter, they are approximately 2000 times smaller than the smallest metallic mineral, which makes them readily absorbed.

The standard recommended dose for Power Labs Colloidal Minerals is 15mls once per day first thing in the morning. (Children 10mls per day and toddlers 5mls per day). An increased dose (e.g. double the daily dose) of colloidal minerals may be required during: Any illness, including where the immune system needs supporting Postoperative recovery Whilst taking orthodox medication, including OCP and HRT Pregnancy and breastfeeding

At times of increased stress be it mental, physical or emotional Very hot weather, especially with increased perspiration With high toxicity including heavy metal poisoning If your hair is falling out and your nails are splitting Vitamin deficiencies Hormonal Imbalances Women during menstruation As minerals are the catalysts for every biological reaction that happen in the body, Colloidal Minerals will help balance out your energy levels in day to day life.

Even if we were to eat a perfectly healthy, organic diet all the time, the soil in Australia is still zinc, selenium and magnesium deficient. Colloidal Minerals are the best way to replenish this deficiency. People who crave coffee, sweets, chocolate, fatty foods, salt etc have mineral deficiencies.

Colloidal Minerals help prevent cravings for these foods and balance out your mineral status calcium, zinc, selenium, iron and magnesium are not the only important minerals! We need a balance of all the essential minerals and trace elements, which Colloidal Minerals provide, 75 in total.

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