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organic parsley 100g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
a fantastic accompaniment to most dishes of a bland nature such as egg dishes, cream pasta sauces, meat dishes, and blends well with almost all other herbs. it is also a good herb for masking bad odours and so is useful to mask garlic breath.

organic cinnamon quills 20g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
also combines well with... cardamom, cloves, coriander seed, cumin, ginger, fennel, mace, nutmeg, pepper, star anise.

organic italian herbs 20g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
a herb blend of Marjoram, Rosemary, Onion, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Garlic, Savoury, Paprika which is a convenient mix to use in any Italian-style dishes such as pizza, pasta, or roasts.

organic bouquet garni 10g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
Bouquet Garni is a fantastic blend of thyme, parsley, Laurel, marjoram, great for flavouring soups, risottos, and many slow cooked dishes. Ingredients….Thyme, parsley, Laurel, marjoram.

organic lemongrass powder 20g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
lemongrass powder is a fragrant seasoning with citrus-like tastes that are light and cool in taste. frequently used in soups, teas, and curries. flavours lemongrass complements are; seafood, poultry, and fish.

organic dill tops 10g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
Dill tops is a great partner for fish and seafood dishes, as well as suiting a selection of root vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower. Also great in potato salad.

organic curry leaves 5g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
gourmet organic herbs source the highest quality herbs and spices. all of which are gluten free and have no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or fillers.

organic oregano 10g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
In comparison to Marjoram, Oregano has a stronger and spicier flavour, being suitable for a wide variety of Italian dishes, salads, and goes well with the flavour of Garlic. Also combines well with Basil, Bay, Chilli, Cumin, Garlic, Paprika, Sage.

organic cracked black pepper 40g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
pungent spice that doesn't have a predominant flavour but enhances the other spices within a dish. it can be used to season anything from stews to curries, salad dressings to stocks.

organic marjoram 10g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
ihis herb is a very close cousin of Oregano and is fabulous if used in meat and vegetable dishes. It tends to have a strong and sweet flavour reminiscent of sage.

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