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organic redbush teabags 40s
Produced by clipper
this exceptional south african infusion is highly refreshing and tasty with a gorgeous subtle caramel character. an excellent alternative to black tea that's naturally caffeine free and is delicious served with or without milk.

organic fairtrade indian chai tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
60g - ingredients: fairtrade tea, fairtrade cinnamon (17%), lemon peel, fairtrade cloves (8%), *fennel seeds (5%).

organic chamomile tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
a light, delicious and comforting infusion superbly balanced with the distinctive character of chamomile and lemon balm with a subtle taste of honey. naturally caffeine free.

organic everday instant coffee 100g
Produced by clipper
a robust and fully flavoured blend with a wonderfully rich aroma. ingredients: certified organic & fair trade coffee from various regions of the world.

organic green chai tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
30g - ingredients: green tea, cinnamon (16.5%), orange peel, cardamon (6.5%), cloves (6.5%).

organic decafinated tea bags 40s
Produced by clipper
a fine organic assam tea, specially selected to retain a full flavour after decaffeination. ingredients: organically grown tea. less than 0.2% caffeine.

organic decaf instant coffee 100g
Produced by clipper
100g jar - ingredients: certified organic, certified fair trade decaffeinated coffee.

organic licorice tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
Our lovely Liquorice has a distinctive flavour providing a full and naturally sweet drink; popular in our office as a distraction from the mid afternoon sugar craving! Naturally caffeine free. ingredients: 100% organic licorice root.

organic super special instant coffee 100g
Produced by clipper
ingredients: certified organic, certified fairtrade organic arabica coffee.

organic fairtrade green tea bags 25s
Produced by clipper
50g - ingredients: fairtrade organically grown green tea. the green teas going into this organic blend have been selected for their light, bright sencha style character and deliver a clean tasting and truly delicious flavour.

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