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organic raw living elixir drink 350ml
Produced by red dragon inn
ingredients all certified organic and raw: tumeric, lemon, ginger, infusion from gotu kola, brahmi, ginko biloba, australian honey, sugar, yeast culture, energised water. they are an amazing health drink. made in australia!

organic coconut water with banana 500ml
Produced by dr antonio martin
ingredients: certified organic pure coconut juice (76%), banana pulp (20%), lemon juice from concentrate (4%).

ginger non-alcoholic drink 725ml
Produced by rochester
ingredients: water, raw cane sugar, water infused ginger (14%), raisin, cowslip & elderflower in varying proportions, citric acid, caramel, potassium sorbate. product of the uk. the original with the kick of two very angry mules.

organic apricot nectar 1L
Produced by lloyds organic
delicious Australian organic apricot nectar

organic prune juice 1L
Produced by lloyds organic
90% certified organic dried prunes, rain water. product of australia.

organic beetroot juice 750ml
Produced by beet it
certified organic beetroot juice 750ml - ingredients: 90% organic beetroot juice, 10% organic applie juice. not from concentrate no preservatives. product of england.

honey kefir yoghurt 500ml
Produced by babushka
a quarter cup (62ml) daily, containing 12 billion CFUs, should be part of your long term digestive maintenance plan and as tonic for your immune system (in store pick up only).

organic apple cider vinegar drink 473ml
Produced by braggs
delicious refreshing thirst quencher. ingredients: pure distilled water, bragg organic apple cider vinegar, organic honey. product of usa

organic coconut water with pineapple 500ml
Produced by dr antonio martin
ingredients: pure organic coconut juice (72%), pineapple juice from concentrate (26%), acerola pulp (2%), antioxidant ascorbic acid.

organic mulled berry punch 725ml
Produced by rochester
ingredients: water, organic raw cane sugar, organic elderberry, organic blackcurrant and organic apple juices (30%), organic mixed spices, citric acid, organic orange oil. product of the uk.

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