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100% buckwheat soba noodles 250g
Produced by spiral
non-organic 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles are made entirely of buckwheat flour, making them gluten and wheat free. A select variety of buckwheat is ground extra fine just to make these noodles. Buckwheat is rich in protein, minerals and bioflavonoids..

spiral organic brown rice vinegar 250ml
Produced by spiral
use in various dishes such as dressings, marinades, pickles, sushi rice and more. ingredients: organic brown rice, well water, seed vinegar.

organic spelt linguine 500g
Produced by la terra e il cielo
the most amazing pasta i've tried. using bronze cutters to get the cleanest crispest cut the italians know how to do this stuff to perfection. coupled with organic spelt flour and you cant go wrong for a digestable alternative to wheat flour.

organic whole wheat spaghetti 500g
Produced by la terra e il cielo
made from organically grown whole wheat durum semolina. cook in boiling water, drain well , serve with your favourite garnishes.

organic tomato puree (passata) 680g
Produced by global organics
ingredients: certified organic tomatoes from italy.

castagno fusilli wholegrain spelt 500g
Produced by castagno
Italian wholegrain spelt pasta

organic pesto rosso 190g
Produced by absolute organic
100% certified organic pesto, product of italy. GMO free 56% tomato pulp

organic amaranth & rice spaghetti
Produced by olive green organics
amaranth is the seed with the most complete nutritional profile and a unique gently nutty flavour. made in bolivia

organic quinoa & rice penne
Produced by olive green organics
royal quinoa is the mother grain of the Andean communities prized for its exceptional nutritional profile.

organic chopped tomatoes 400g
Produced by global organics
ingredients: certified organic chopped tomatoes (60%), tomato juice from italy

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