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egyptian red organic hibiscus tea 100g
Produced by .none
egyptian red is considered to be an all-purpose medicinal plant that can be used to remedy various diseases and health conditions. high in antioxidants & natural flavonoids that assist the body in neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals.

organic nettle tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
the UK's best selling nettle infusion! our nettle has a clean flavour with subtle grassy notes providing a refreshing drink, perfect accompaniment to a healthy diet. popular with clipper's hayfever sufferers during spring. naturally caffiene free.

unfiltered raw honey 1.4kg
Produced by a west australian business
1.4kg glass jar - unfiltered raw bluegum (or redgum) honey from WA. not heated above 35oC. this is an uncertified product.

organic relax tea bags 20s
Produced by pukka herbs
to calm & soothe - ingredients: fennel seed (30%), licorice root, chamomile flower (14%), gotu kola leaf, cardamom seed, ginger root, marshmallow root (6%), ashwagandha root.

organic chamomile tea bags 20s
Produced by english tea shop
certified organic chamomile tea. product of sri lanka. SAO certified.

organic lemon green tea bags 20s
Produced by pukka herbs
smooth green tea with a hint of lemon - ingredients: fairtrade sencha whole leaf (70%), lemon verbena leaf, lemon essential oil extract, whole Sicilian lemon (2%)

organic peppermint tea bags 20s
Produced by clipper
30g - ingredients: organically grown peppermint. Our Peppermint infusion provides a light, highly refreshing drink with a crisp, clean and cool taste. Naturally caffeine free.

organic three ginger tea bags 20s
Produced by pukka herbs
to uplift and warm - ingredients; ginger root (51%), galangal root (28%), licorice root, turmeric root (4%), natural ginger extract.

organic redbush teabags 40s
Produced by clipper
this exceptional south african infusion is highly refreshing and tasty with a gorgeous subtle caramel character. an excellent alternative to black tea that's naturally caffeine free and is delicious served with or without milk.

organic white tea bags 26s
Produced by clipper
our unadulterated white tea is made from the buds and young leaves of the tea bush. It makes a light, delicate and refreshing brew which is a natural source of antioxidants. Ingredients: Organically grown white tea. ingredients: organic white tea.

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