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body / oral care
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epzen magnesium bath crystals pure 900g
Produced by power super foods
lovely magnesium sulphate crystals. 2 cups in bath, 1 cup in bucket. suitable for use during pregnancy.

organic winter skin 300ml
Produced by ecotan
ecotan winter skin daily nourisher emerging honey tan (certified organic). click on item to view details...

soap goats milk soap may chang exfoliation
Produced by harmony soapworks
this scrub bar is a gentle exfoliator containing organic oatmeal and poppy seeds to naturally exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Infused with beautiful essential oils.

bamboo toothbrush adult soft
Produced by the environmental toothbrush
made of sustainable bamboo that is fast growning and easily replenished, once finshed with this one, you can just bury in the garden and let nature do the rest. save millions of tons of plastic toothbrushes ending up in landfill!

soap lavender & camomile 100g
Produced by sanctum
the soothing and gentle qualities of lavender and chamomile combine to create a luxurious soap. The inclusion of Lavender flowers creates a mild exfoliation.

organic invisible tan 150g
Produced by ecotan
ecotan organic invisible tan. this product has shown great results for even the fairest of customers with a natural colour and it doesnt stain white sheets! click on item to view details...

magnesium oil 250ml
Produced by amazing oils
Improve overall health, reduce stress, reduce pain. 100% natural. 100% australian

magnesium bath flakes 800g
Produced by amazing oils
Really relax in a Magnesium bath. Similar to Epsom Salts only NINE TIMES the Magnesium. You can use this for foot baths as well as big baths and spas.

organic jojoba oil 100ml
Produced by every bit organic & raw
click on item for all info...

organic lemon toothpaste 100g
Produced by riddell's creek
riddells creek organic toothpaste promotes healthy gums. their toothpastes contain NO synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, colours, fragrances, tar derivatives, sulphates, fluorides, animals ingredients.

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