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organic stevia powder 100g
Produced by nirvana organics
certified organic (non GMO) stevia. product of australia.

organic raw coconut oil 500ml
Produced by loving earth
100% certified organic raw coconut oil. certified fairtrade. made in thailand.

organic virgin coconut oil 750ml
Produced by banaban
ingredients: 100% certified organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. no pesticides, GMOs or hexane. product of fiji. made by the banaban people see www.banaban.com for their story!

organic coconut crunch 700g
Produced by banaban
certified organic air-dried coconut flesh (after the coconut oil has been expressed). 35.8% fibre + 10mg iron/100g! a great source of both! oh and did i mention it was deicious too! put on cereal, in smoothies, bake in cakes & biscuits.

organic olive oil 250ml
Produced by esslemont
ingredients: 100% certified organic by NASAA 6232. product of toodyay WA. also do refills instore by 1L for just $15! bring in your bottles today and save!

organic tahini hulled 385g
Produced by mayvers
ingredients: 100% certified organic hulled sesame seeds. product of australia.

organic tahini unhulled 385g
Produced by mayvers
ingredients: 100% certified organic unhulled sesame seeds. product of australia.

power super foods organic cacao crunch 200g
Produced by power super foods
ingredients: organic theobroma (criollo) cacao nibs, organic liquified nibs, organic rapadura. product of peru.

organic kuzu 100g
Produced by spiral
100% organic kuzu - use kuzu to thicken soups, sauces, gravies, desserts and dressings. product of japan. click on item fore more info...

ewald geletine sheets x 10
Produced by .none
a simple to use, titanium strength, organic leaf gelatin. using ewald’s best quality gelatin you can make deserts as well as savoury meat, fish and vegetable dishes. EWALD organic gelatin is produced entirely from organic pigskins.

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