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organic activated sunflower seeds 200g
Produced by 2die4 live foods
organic australian sunflower kernals are the fruit of the sunflower (helianthus annuus). botanically speaking, organic sunflower seeds are more properly referred to as an achene. When dehulled, the edible remainder is called the sunflower kernel.

organic activated brazil nuts 300g
Produced by 2die4 live foods
certified organic activated brazil nuts. product of byron bay. activation of nuts releases phytic acid and renders them 3 times more digestable than raw nuts. soaked in celtic sea salt and dehydrated to perfection. on nut contains daily selenium.

organic linseeds (flax) golden 500g
Produced by bulk items
certified organic linseeds (flax) golden. sold in 100% compostable recycled paper bags with corn celulose lining or a BPA free plastic ziplock bag. product of australia.

organic californian dates 500g
Produced by bulk items
USDA certified organic dates packed in BPA free plastic resealable bag.

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