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while not following modern trends of artificially made pills, we have put some research into some decent products that help fill the gaps that nutrition possibly isn't filling for us.

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shilajit powder 100g
Produced by khandige
another great adaptogen that enters the body and helps heal damaged cells. helps with: metabolism, energy, diabetes, movement of vitamins and minerals to cells, immunity, arthritis (all forms), back pain, anti-inflamatory, depression, blood purifier.

egyptian red organic hibiscus tea 100g
Produced by .none
egyptian red is considered to be an all-purpose medicinal plant that can be used to remedy various diseases and health conditions. high in antioxidants & natural flavonoids that assist the body in neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals.

colloidal minerals 1L
Produced by lifePRO health pty ltd
ingredients: pure water, grape concentrate, natrurally occurring minerals and trace minerals derived from plants. product of australia. click on item for more info...

evolution the vital link 250g
Produced by Powerlab WA
this amazing product with cell food is classified by quite a few now as "total food". meaning there is nothing else required to survive other than clean water! with the list of vitmins, minerals, fats, enzymes, ORMEs and amino acids cover the label

miessence organic deep green alkaliser 105g
Produced by miessence
made from the freeze dried juices from the world's most potent sources of greens, deep dreen alkalising is 100% raw, vegan and certified organic.

systemic enzymes 2x 500mg 90 caps
Produced by speciality enzymes
ingredients: peptizyme SP, proteases, amino peptidase, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, amla, tutin, grape seed extract, boswellia, tumeric, vitamin C (60mg), B6 (10mg), calcium 6.7mg, folate 40mcg, B12 100mcg, matodextrin.

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