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dog food pacific stream 2kg
Produced by taste of the wild
made with fish protein, this grain-free formula is palatable and packed with antioxidants. ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies, this mix has all they need for nutritional balance including delicious fish meat, fruit, veggies and potato

pure hydrosol toner 15ml
Produced by mokosh
ingredients: certified organic rose (rosa damascena) hydrosol, certified organic melissa (melissa officinalis) hydrosol. made in fremantle wa.

organic coconut milk 400ml
Produced by banaban
contain NO fillers or additives and are packaged fresh - straight from the source in BPA free cans.

organic macadamias 250g
Produced by bulk items
certified organic macadamias. sold in 100% compostable recycled paper bags with corn celulose lining or a BPA free plastic ziplock bag. product of australia.

organic super berries tea bags 20s
Produced by english tea shop
certified organic ingredients: hibiscus, rooibos, spearmint, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, natural raspberry and strawberry flavour. product of many countries. packed in sri lanka.

blush mango
Produced by zuii
simple and effective talc free colour tones reinforced with certified organic rose petals to soothe & tone, jasmine buds also soothing with properties that encourage repair of scar tissue plus the added benefit of chamomile flowers to calm & heal.

organic raw maca powder 250g
Produced by roar! superfoods
ingredients: 100% raw organic maca powder. Chemical analysis of this brain-powering root reveals an astonishing profile of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sterols, fatty acids and glucosinates. Balances hormones & more! product of peru.

mineral bronzer - sunseeker
Produced by inika
INIKA mineral bronzer adds a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin that looks and feels so natural.

organic raw mesquite powder 250g
Produced by loving earth
traditional native american food with a very low GI and a high mineral content. it has a sweet, distinctive wild flavour with a hint of caramel, blends well in smoothies, especially those made with cacao and maca. product of peru.

venn ceramic non-stick casserole 20cm 2.4L
Produced by neoflam
neoflam ceramic coating is safe to cook with and easy to clean. it comes with a cast aluminium pan 5mm thick to the bottom and 3mm thick on the sides. neoflam coating is both inside and outside for easy cleaning. great prices too!

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