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organic indulgence dip hommus 200g
Produced by organic indulgence
ingredients: chickpeas (57%), tahini, sunflower oil, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, spices, calcium carbonate.

systemic enzymes 2x 500mg 90 caps
Produced by speciality enzymes
ingredients: peptizyme SP, proteases, amino peptidase, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, amla, tutin, grape seed extract, boswellia, tumeric, vitamin C (60mg), B6 (10mg), calcium 6.7mg, folate 40mcg, B12 100mcg, matodextrin.

organic vanilla chai tea bags 20s
Produced by pukka herbs
organic caffeine-free herbal tea lightly sweetened with cinnamon & cardamom - ingredients: fairtrade cinnamon bark (40%), ginger root, licorice root, cardamom seed (10%), fennel seed, Fairtrade vanilla pod (4%).

fabric softener lavender 1 litre
Produced by ecologic
just gotta love these product where they not only disclose their FULL ingredient list, but you can check - there is nothing harmful in this product and it still works!

organic fennel ground 20g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
ground fennel is perfect for curries, fishes and seafood dishes dishes, casseroles, and is a great partner for beans, beetroot, cabbage, lentils, pork, etc.

eyeliner pencil emerald
Produced by zuii
uniquely formulated to ensure ease of application, zuii Organic eyeliner pencils will glide on effortlessly, rich & creamy you wont have to worry about the staying power of and colour intensity. the organic formula is perfect for most sensitive eyes.

bamboo toothbrush adult soft
Produced by the environmental toothbrush
made of sustainable bamboo that is fast growning and easily replenished, once finshed with this one, you can just bury in the garden and let nature do the rest. save millions of tons of plastic toothbrushes ending up in landfill!

organic hemp oil 250ml
Produced by hemp foods australia

organic activated hazelnuts 120g
Produced by 2die4 live foods
certified organic activated hazelnuts. product of byron bay. activation of nuts releases phytic acid and renders them 3 times more digestable than raw nuts. soaked in celtic sea salt and dehydrated to perfection. has to be tried to be believed!

100% recycled aluminium foil - 10m
Produced by if you care
100% recycled aluminium foil - 10.07m x 29cm - product of italy.

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