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organic coconut water 500ml
Produced by dr antonio martin
dr antonio martins coco juice is: guaranteed from young coconuts isotonic Cholesterol-free Lactose free hypoallerganic low cal (19kcal/100ml) certified organic

daily dog raw semi-dried venison & fish 1kg
Produced by ziwipeak
using only human-grade ingredients, this is the ultimate in pet food for loved one. made in new zealand and is semi-dried raw food following BARF principles. click for more info...

organic cracked black pepper 40g
Produced by gourmet organic foods
pungent spice that doesn't have a predominant flavour but enhances the other spices within a dish. it can be used to season anything from stews to curries, salad dressings to stocks.

pure hydrosol toner 100ml
Produced by mokosh
ingredients: certified organic rose (rosa damascena) hydrosol, certified organic melissa (melissa officinalis) hydrosol. made in fremantle wa.

concealer fair
Produced by zuii
provides superior coverage and helps create a flawless finish, perfect for hiding or covering imperfections and skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, blemishes or pigmentation.

organic mountain bread natural 200g
Produced by mountain bread
a lovely yeast free alternative to bread. great for candida sufferers. ingredients: organic wheat flour, filtered water and salt.

organic spelt grain 500g
Produced by bulk items
certified organic australian spelt grain.

demeter sprouted breads 1.1kg
Produced by pure life
great breads that have been sprouted so they are much more easily digested. great for yeast and gluten intollerance and even coeliacs! a variety of products available. From $11. not available by mail order. in-store purchase only.

erase parasite cleasnse 50ml
Produced by rochway
made with australian ingredients and formulated with three very powerful ingredients that are specifically chosen to assist with the eradication of parasitic overgrowth within the body. these ingredients are black walnut hulls, wormwood and clove.

organic psyllium husk 200g
Produced by honest to goodness
certified organic psyllium husks.

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