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digestavite plus 100g
Produced by natural animal solutions
containing 34 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids sourced from the finest ingredients available. ingredients: to many to list here.. click on item to view all...

organic corn pasta penne 500g
Produced by felicia
this is fabulous pasta for anyone who hasn't tried corn as an option before. also as its certified organic its GMO free! also stays together nicely when cooked, unlike rice pasta!

sustainably fished mackerel in brine 125g
Produced by good fish
ingredients: spanish mackerel fillets, water, salt.product of spain.

bamboo 3-ply chopping board paddle
Produced by neoflam
bamboo is from a renewable resource, is naturally anti-bacterial, has no-slip TPE edges is 100% safe for food use, thin but with 3-ply construction making it strong and durable. measures 356mm x 179mm. model SB-P

organic mountain banana dried 250g
Produced by organic mountain

organic chamomile tea bags 20s
Produced by english tea shop
certified organic chamomile tea. product of sri lanka. SAO certified.

organic cheese burrito 156g
Produced by amy's kitchen inc
unbeatable cheese enchilada with organic golden corn accented by anaheim chilies and organic black beans with fresh salsa on the side. gluten free. (available pick up only).

eyeshadow raspberry
Produced by zuii
unique talc free certified organic floral blend of rose, chamomile & jasmine powders enriched with natural vitamins & minerals delivers both a subtle & sophisticated colour palette to soothe & nourish your eyelids plus vibrant, full shades.

lipstick brown sugar
Produced by zuii
long lasting, reinforced with jojoba and sunflower. rich in vitamins A and E to protect and moisturise the skin with the added benefits of aloe vera, rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and calcium.

organic buckwheat flour 1kg
Produced by bulk items
certified organic buckwheat flour.

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