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  • 20 May 2018
    Did someone say strange grains? We have these two types in stock nowπŸ˜‹ I can't believe how fluffy the grain free multiseed loaf is! Amazingly bread like lol πŸ˜‚ #strangegrains #glutenfree #glutenfreebread
  • 19 May 2018
    OMG this is just so beautiful... i shed a tear or two ... so special πŸ™πŸŒΊ
  • 17 May 2018
    One of the gorgeous pendents at @enchanted_lane πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’œ
  • 11 May 2018
    Organic sourdough Bread is available now and veggies will be in at around lunch time today! See you all thenπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ’– Samadhi cafe is currently taking bookings for mothers day, they will also have a sweet new menu up and running just in time #menulaunch #tomorrow #deliciousfood 😍😍
  • 10 May 2018
    want wrap your mumma up in some nurturing love this mothers day... then come check some of the vouchers available via @elissaanne.massage.skin.art or @dew2o for some real pampering and healing, or check out the many #organic gift ideas in store.... have a beautiful day... and give yourself a big hug from us.. you deserve it πŸ’š
  • 09 May 2018
    Fresh turmeric, white and wholemeal loafs in nowπŸ™ŒπŸŒž
  • 07 May 2018
    ever heard of the saying "it felt like I was hit by a truck".... well I was... not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too... for those that aren't aware, it's been a difficult year and a half... I split up with my partner of the last 5 years Keith, had massive flooding issues at the sanctuary, dealing with a horrible landlord, fights with synergy over dodgy overbilling, had my whole computer system hacked & encrypted, my ex-husband (and children's father) was jailed for drugs leaving me once again as a struggling single mother of 4 solely supporting my kids financially and emotionally .. been stabbed in the heart, kicked when I was down.... and finally me and my two youngest boys were literally hit by a truck. weirdly enough best thing that could have happened to me... after the initial aftershock of concussion, whiplash, crying, losing my shit & depression caused by major shock it feels like I had a bunch of energetic threads severed during that accident & I feel so much lighter & clearer than I have in a long time... I feel very lucky & grateful to be alive & blessed at what I have - most importantly my beautiful children tiahni bailey jett and harper, my mum n dad & a few special friends (u know who you are) I know its been a really difficult time for a lot of people... I've had friends who have had to deal with major trauma, severe depression, suicide attempts, suicides, tragic & unfair deaths of loved ones - some only little babies, it's been super tough.. & i get it... I'm there with you... know you are NOT alone I created the sacred earth sanctuary not for money (god forbid I don't make any), not for fame, prestige, honour, ego but because I care about people... I have walked in their shoes and I know difficult times... I created the sanctuary to be a special place to share your story, to feel heard, nurtured, to know that YOU matter... to be healed, educated & not judged for your ideas, opinions, background, religion or colour... just somewhere you can BE. please if you are feeling like me come down and I'll shout u a cuppa... I'd love to hear from you..hold my hand and we'll climb out of this hole together ... tamara πŸ’™
  • 06 May 2018
    this australian invention is a fantastic mothers day gift for your special mumma... in store now at #dynamicorganic πŸ’š
  • 06 May 2018
    GUESS WHAT our nutty Bruce price has now permanently dropped to $4.75. The best price in mandurah πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸŒž today we are open till 3pm, come and check it out!
  • 05 May 2018
    ANOTHER GREAT MOTHERSDAY DEAL COMING AT YOU. for a limited time we are offering a 40% off sale on ALL boho mama clothing and ALL neoflam pans. Get in quick to get your MOTHERS DAY gifts at a great price!

due to customer request, we are now open 7 days a week.

yes, for all of those who work in perth or can't get in monday to saturday, we are now open sundays 10:00am to 3:00pm! last sunday was our first time open and it was a huge success and we hope this sunday will be the same.

being mothers day we have a super special giveaway for the 20th customer - filled with hugs - a FREE organic fruit n vege box, courtesy of www.mrorganic.com.au so head in & purchase your goodies to be in the running - it might just be YOU! we also have a special treat for every mum who makes a purchase - our gift to mums in appreciation of the hardest job in the world <3





last month saw us host a fabulous evening with supermodel miranda kerr's mum - therese.

therese is an incredibly informative inspirational speaker covering the important aspects of the organic industry and uncovering scary truths related to the ingredients many of us are using without realising the consequences, such as endocrine disruptors, obesogens and generally toxic substances, particulaly within the self-regulated cosmetics industry. everyone left feeling completely empowered & motivated to make changes in their own lives.

due to the success of this evening, therese has offered to return to us next month - thursday june 18 @7:00pm - so please book in to hear her speak for yourself, it will be a decision you will be glad you made.

tickets are $15.00 (cash only) which is redeemable on therese's new certified organic range (which you can actually eat!) 'divine by therese kerr'. bookings & pre-payments a must as last time was a sellout



hope to see you there!


we have new products arriving daily, so pop in & check out the shop if you haven't been in for a while... till next time... big hugs, tamara xxx


"when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" jimi hendrix

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